Specops Logviewer

Specops Logviewer is included with Specops Deploy and is designed to efficiently open and monitor log files. Specops Logviewer is integrated into Specops Deploy / OS and will automatically be used when displaying and monitoring logs from client computers that are installing operating systems.

Specops Logviewer can also be used to display logfile from other solutions such as Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) and IIS.

Specops Logviewer can be used to open saved log files but it can also monitor log files in real time as they are being written and display visual feedback when for example errors are encountered. The application also supports filtering and searching error code on the web.


Multiple log files

Multiple log files can be opened in the same instance of the application. Opening additional log files will create new tabs in the application. Individual tabs can also be closed.

Drag and drop of files

Log files can be dragged from the explorer and dropped onto Specops Logviewer as a shorthand for opening a log.

Auto scroll

Auto scroll can be turned on which will always keep focus on the most recent line in the logfile. The view will automatically scroll to the bottom in real time as new lines are added to the log.

Log activity feedback

Visual feedback is used to indicate log activity and log content. This includes the navigation bar, to the right of the main log view. This bar will indicate where errors and warnings exist in the file by displaying red or yellow markers. The status bar at the bottom of the main window displays a summary of the current logs content. In addition, when multiple log files are open, the tab headers will indicate when errors or warnings are encountered in the logs by flashing the tab header in the corresponding color.

Quick navigation

The navigation bar can be used to quickly jump to errors or warnings by clicking the markers. This can also be achieved with keyboard shortcut, as can all navigation and operations in the application. Refer to the keyboard shortcut listing below.

Filter by errors and warnings

The log can be filtered by checking the Filter Errors and Warnings box. This will instantaneously hide all lines but errors and warnings. However, to get a sense of context a few lines before and after each error are also displayed.


Log files can be searched and matching lines will be highlighted as you type and the number of matches will also be displayed.

Details window

If a log line contains a long message a details window can be displayed for the selected line. The details window will stay open as you navigate in the application and always display information about the selected line.


Keyboard Shortcuts

Keys Action
Ctrl+O Open log file
Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 Close current log file
ALT+Enter Open details window
ESC Close details window
Alt+A Toggle autoscroll
Alt+F Toggle error/warning filter
Ctrl+F or Ctrl+E Start search
F3 or Enter (if in search box) Go to next search match
Shift+F3 Go to previous search match
Ctrl+Home Go to fist line
Ctrl+End Go to last line
Ctrl+Tab Go to next tab
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Go to previous tab
Ctrl+PageDown Go to next error or warning
Ctrl+PageUp Go to previous error or warning

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