Recorded webinar is now available: Longer is Stronger - Why Passphrases are a Powerful Security Tool

It takes a hacker four days to crack a traditional password like "N^a&$1nG" and eighteen years to crack a passphrase like "GoodLuckGuessingThisPassword." When it comes to password security, longer is stronger! Watch this recorded webinar and find out why.


IT management in educational institutions

Managing IT in schools, big or small, requires structure, creativity and a sense of humor. 

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Desktop management for small and medium-sized businesses

Small to medium-sized companies need smart solutions that automate tasks and don't break the bank. 

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IT management in the public sector

The public sector requires efficiently serving the varying needs of many different user groups. Whether it's securing personal data or integrating intricate databases, IT professionals are focused on managing their environment to minimize downtime. 

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