Specops Deploy

Manage applications and operating systems the smart way.

Specops Deploy is a deployment solution that simplifies the installation of operating systems, software, and applications in your Microsoft Active Directory environment. Specops Deploy extends the functionality of Group Policy and can be used to target any number of computer objects within Active Directory. You can use Specops Deploy to save user state during installation, manage user local settings, capture operating system image, and remotely manage and monitor multi-site deployments. Specops Deploy can also be used for managing the System Center Endpoint Protection client.

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  • Simplified deployment

    Specops Deploy removes time-consuming manual tasks and improves IT efficiency through a simplified software deployment process. Whether you are installing applications on multiple devices, or upgrading your computers to a new operating system, Specops Deploy is the key to ensuring your time is well spent.

    Application Management

    Specops Deploy leverages your Active Directory infrastructure and creates a powerful application distribution platform through an innovative Group Policy based approach to application management.  You can use Specops Deploy to deploy a variety of application types, including Windows Installer package, Windows Installer Patch, App-V package, Legacy setup, and Windows Store applications.

    Smart monitoring

    Specops Deploy monitors the activity in the system and offers real-time reports of what is happening at any given moment. This allows administrators to take the necessary action to quickly resolve any issues that may occur during a deployment, or verify that the system is running smooth.

  • Operating system deployment

    • Zero touch deployment of all Windows versions, including Windows 10
    • Re-install computers directly from the Active Directory Users and Computers console
    • Builds on top of Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit, Active Directory, and Group Policy
    • Automatically replicates deployment shares across all deployment servers
    • Simplifies the process of importing new or existing images into the system
    • Retains user data between operating system re-installations
    • Health monitoring in the console for all components
    • Improves and simplifies driver management
    • Closed loop reporting on the success and failure of application deployment
    • Needs and complexity based targeting

    Software deployment

    • Detailed feedback about the progress, success, or failure of the software deployment process
    • Scheduled software deployments that fit your schedule
    • Supports software installations while Windows is started or when users are logging in
    • Supports Windows Installer packages, App-V packages, Legacy packages, modern Windows Store applications
    • Uses Background Intelligent Transfer Service for package downloads which ensures the best possible performance over slow or unreliable network links
    • Built-in support for deploying Microsoft App-V virtual applications to your clients.


    • Group Policy based management of the System Center Endpoint Protection client
    • Manages different configurations based on the needs of your organization
    • Comprehensive threat reporting