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Use Specops Active Directory Janitor to cleanup Active Directory (delete, move or disable) accounts and increase your Active Directory security and general network performance.

"AD Janitor is indeed a rare product. It works without complicated infrastructure or setup and is sensibly priced." 

 Russell Morgan, IT Specialist, BASF IT Services

Active Directory Janitor

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Active Directory maintenance

Maybe without knowing it you probably have a problem that grows bigger every day. An Active Directory structure that are full of obsolete computer and user objects. Have you any idea of how much information that is replicated around without any reason and slows down daily work? Do you know how this extra load affects your end users? Maybe you are aware of the problem and rely on dangerous scripts or other non-supported third party products?

The maintenance of Active Directory content needs to be done on a regular basis.


After deploying Active Directory, most organizations have an ongoing and growing problem tracking outdated user and computer accounts that no longer correspond to actual physical users or computers.


With Specops Active Directory Janitor you can search the entire network to easily identify these accounts. You can then decide, from a number of criteria's, which ones that are outdated and finally delete, disable and/or move them.


The result is an up to date and accurate list of Active Directory resources on an ongoing basis. You will also maintain your Active Directory security level since high security risk accounts will be listed.

Specops Active Directory Janitor is very fast to get started with. Just select the computers, or users, from Active Directory that you would like to administer/scan and press a button. Violá, all your domain controllers are scanned, multithreaded, in real time and shows you information to make it easy for you to cleanup Active Directory accounts you consider old and obsolete.

Why purchase?

How do you solve your cleaning problems today, how much time does it take per year and how much do you and your manager value your time?

Answer the above questions and $1999.95 U.S. per enterprise license, or $399.95 U.S. for a Small Business license, makes the value proposition of Specops Active Directory Janitor crystal clear.

Clearly, the time invested by IT staff to continually use manual, inefficient, and insecure methods to maintain an accurate AD resource list greatly exceeds the nominal cost of Specops Active Directory Janitor.

Maintaining Active Directory is important since failing to do so will most likely result in unnecessary Active Directory maintenance cost increases.



  • Easy to use standard Windows graphical interface.
  • Increase Active Directory security: Choose among 35 properties when scanning your network environment.
  • Pick user or computer accounts to scan in three different ways: Manually, from Active Directory and import.
  • Perform cleanup operations: Delete, disable, move and enable Active Directory accounts in seconds.
  • Export all or part of your scan results
  • Increase Active Directory security: Identify user accounts with high security risk
  • For the non-replicated account properties all domain controllers will be contacted and the most recent value will be used.

Benoit Lecours, Ubisoft, QC, Canada:

“We cannot live without it. We use it all the time for our AD clean up”

Anthony Pochmara, IT Specialist, Constellation Brands, USA :

"Constallation Brands is the biggest Wine Company in the world. This will help our Help Desk easily scan and remove old computer accounts."

Michael Amaral, IT Specialist, Boston Financial Data Services, USA:

"Currently have to iterate through DCs manually and compile spreadsheets for comparison. The ADJ does all of this and more. A similar tool for USER objects would be smashing!"
(Remark: This quote was made before the release of Active Directory Janitor 2.0)

Mathew Shember, IT Specialist, Synplicity Inc, USA:

"A real clean way to cleanup dead accounts. Junior Admins won't have to remember to visit each controller and review DNS."

Delmonik Dontee, IT Specialist, US Department of Transportation:

"Active Directory Janitor works extremely well. With our dynamic, ever changing network old machine accounts have been the bane of my existence. The product runs 100 times faster than a script and generates easy to interpret reports."

Russell Morgan, IT Specialist, BASF IT Services:

"AD Janitor is indeed a rare product. It works without complicated infrastructure or setup and is sensibly priced. Why can't more AD tools adopt this model?"

Bill Bradley, Chief, Customer Support Section, Department of Veterans Affairs, Denver VA Medical Center:

"We use it every week to remove older machines, and, are VERY happy with it! Thanks for such a superb product!"

Bob D'Spain, Enterprise Systems, Sandia National Laboratories:

"The Active Directory Janitor has become a valuable tool for our organization. Not only the primary tool for maintaining the default Computers OU machine list, but we also have recommended the use of this tool for our down-level OU administrators to manage the membership of their OU's. This tool allows us to scan and sort by any number of fields to include the last logon date. As machines leave or get left off the domain for extended periods, we can disable of delete accordingly to assist with security and licensing. A machine that has not been on a domain for extended periods are most likely not current with patches and\or virus definitions. We can now identify and take actions on these machines quickly. Once the domain controller list was custom edited for onsite only, feed back from down-level OU administrators has been 100% favorable."