Choose Specops Gpupdate for Remote Gpupdate, Wake on Lan, and Remote Restart and Shutdown

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Specops Gpupdate is a FREE tool that makes your life as an administrator much easier by providing operations such as update of Group Policy Objects (gpupdate or secedit /refreshpolicy), remote restart, wake on lan (WOL), WSUS client update and remote shutdown.

"This free tool is extremely powerful..."   Jeremy Moskowitz, MCSE, MVP Group Policy,

Specops Gpupdate

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Select users/computers and operation

All operations are available in the Active Directory Users and Computers interface and through Searches of Active Directory. Even entire OUs can be selected. Select computers/users in Active Directory and then select the operation you want to perform.


After performing the selected operation, for example a gpupdate, wake on lan (WOL), remote restart or remote shutdown, you will receive instant feedback in an easy to understand format with appropriate success, warning and error codes, all depending on the operation you choose.

Upgrade to Specops Gpupdate Professional and get a complete remote management toolbox

If you want to do more within Active Directory Users and Computers we have an excellent, inexpensive option for you.  Upgrade your Specops Gpupdate installation to Specops Gpupdate Professional and benefit from the completely packed and feature rich Gpupdate Professional product.

Specops Gpupdate is merely a subset of all the functionality you normally get as a Specops Gpupdate Professional user.



  • Update Group Policy (gpupdate or secedit /refreshpolicy)
  • Start computers by Wake On Lan (WOL)
  • Remote restart
  • Remote shutdown
  • Immediate WSUS client update
  • Real time graphical reporting
  • Upgradable to Specops Gpupdate Professional

The following chart gives an overview of the features included in Specops Gpupdate Professional and Specops Gpupdate, just to give you a hint about the benefits with going Pro:


Specops Gpupdate Professional

Specops Gpupdate

Price Business license from 399.95 USD Free
Refresh Group Policy Yes Yes
Start computers Yes Yes
Shut down computers Yes Yes
Restart computers Yes Yes
Windows Update Client Refresh Yes Yes
Ping Yes No
Send Message Yes No
Read Remote Registry Yes No
Run Executable Yes No
Run Executable Remotely Yes No
Start Event Viewer Yes No
Start Explorer Yes No
Start Remote Desktop Yes No
Start Remote Assistance Yes No
Pinned Commands Yes No
Scheduling Yes No
PowerShell Automation Yes No



Quotes from another pro

"Active Directory and Group Policy administrators are already using Active Directory Users and Computers every day. This added functionality is a great enhancement to what is currently available in the Microsoft toolset."

"This free tool is extremely powerful by providing Active Directory administrators with the ability to specifically target Group Policy updates as they see fit."

Jeremy Moskowitz, MCSE, MVP Group Policy,, and Independent Trainer for Group Policy