Remote Management of your Windows network is easy with Specops Gpupdate Professional

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Manage any part of your network from a single location. Specops Gpupdate Professional turns your Active Directory Users and Computers interface into a complete remote administration center.  

Put this feature-rich product to work for you today. It will be one of the best and most cost effective decisions you ever make.

Specops Gpupdate Professional

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Easy to access

Everything in the feature list and more is available with a simple right click on your mouse. Select computers to manage through the Active Directory Users and Computers interface or through Searches of Active Directory. Even entire OUs can be selected. After executing a command, you will get instant feedback in a graph.

Keep track of your actions

The interface provides detailed feedback about the command execution on individual systems, including any errors encountered.

Easy to use graphical interface

Specops Gpupdate Professional comes with the same easy to use Graphical User Interface found in Specops Gpupdate. Commands are accessible through a main window and each individual command will show you the PowerShell code it runs when you execute it. If you are familiar with other Specops products you will also recognize the Help section to the right of the interface, which displays detailed help about the available commands and settings.



  • Update Group Policy (gpupdate or secedit /refreshpolicy)
  • Start computers by Wake On Lan (WOL)
  • Remote restart
  • Remote shutdown
  • Real time graphical reporting
  • Ping
  • Send Message
  • Read Remote Registry
  • Run executable
  • Run executable remotely
  • Start Event Viewer
  • Start Explorer
  • Start Remote Desktop
  • Start Remote Assistance
  • Immediate WSUS client update

Use your own PowerShell scripts

If you want to move beyond the graphical user interface, you will enjoy the fact that Specops Gpupdate Professional is built on PowerShell and all the work is performed through PowerShell cmdlets. This allows you to unleash the full power of Specops Gpupdate Professional in your own PowerShell scripts.

Schedule and execute commands

Specops Gpupdate Professional includes a feature which lets you set up and customize any command to automatically run according to your desired schedule.

It is also ready to tackle large selections of remote systems through an efficient multi-threading engine. To avoid nasty timeout delays, the commands also support pinging the target systems first to ensure that they are up and running.

Customer quotes

Mats Hultgren, Microsoft Server Manager, Täby Kommun, Sweden:

“I already recommend the product to others emphatically in all contexts.Your products create a strategy for us.” 

Why users appreciate Specops Gpupdate Professional

At TechEd IT Professionals in Barcelona 2008 we asked some users to try out Specops Gpupdate Professional and share their experiences with us by writing usage scenarios. We also awarded two scenarios that we believe describes the benefits of the product especially well. Here are the winners and other interesting reflections:

Paulina Januszkiewicz, ISCG, Warszawa, Poland (winner):

Administrators of the corporate network know that being available at any time of the day or night is their work domain. Administering network from the remote location it is not an easy task, who didn't have to explain users where is THIS workstation to start? Specops Gpupdate Professional gives the administrator a way to have all workstations well managed, for me it means that my environment will be prepared for the next business day. 'Right click' feature in the Active Directory Users and Computers reduces my workload, and then I can work with PowerShell scripts and again - use them in Specops Gpupdate Professional. Thank you Specops for saving my time!

Gina Ty-Wharton, Server Technical Team Leader, Worldwide technology company with 10,000+ employees, London, United Kingdom (winner):

Admins come and go and our many tools for AD administration take time to train and make available to new staff. Specops Gpupdate Professional provides a single interface bringing many of these functions together in one simple screen therefore reducing time getting admins up to speed whilst also having control over what functionality they have access to. Potentially a great time and therefore money saver.

Dennis van Dijk, DIJKIES, Delft, The Netherlands:

I will use Gpupdate Professional as a framework for my daily tasks. I will add pinned commands for my custom scripts and get an easy way of running/schedule them to multiple computers at the same time just out of dsa.msc, cool stuff.

Anders Olsson, TeleComputing Sweden AB, Stockholm, Sweden:

Specops Gpupdate Professional helps me in my daily work by allowing me to do an action on multiple computers, and then later being able to do the same action on all of the computers that weren't reachable on the first attempt.

Martin Harris, British Heart Foundation, London, United Kingdom:

Gpupdate Professional makes the life of an AD administrator so much simpler and give us all the remote administration tools within one interface. Removes the complexity of using SCCM for remote control plus user password self service will be a great enhancement to our users.

Grzegorz Tworek, Director, ISCG, Warszawa, Poland:

With Specops Gpupdate Professional, I can deploy new software via GPO during weekends. If I deploy it during a normal working day - people complain about performance. If I'm deploying it during weekends - I have to personally visit each room, turn the computer on, logon, check the results and turn it off. With Gpupdate Professional, the entire operation takes much less time.

Behzad Panahi, SCB, Stockholm, Sweden:

The product makes my job much easier because I can almost manage the environment offsite, set different rules etc both much more secure and much easier. It is absolutely fantastic!

Tomislav Lepusic, Integra Group, Zagreb, Croatia:

Beach on Haiti. Me, my lady and my mojito. Perfect moment ... And then. Mobile phone is ringing. Angry boss. :( He can't open his mail for some reason. It is urgent. I'm leaving this perfect moment for a little time, turning on my laptop, connecting with VPN, and for some reason my Exchange is down. Now what? But I have installed Specops Gpupdate Professional recently. Oh yes!!! Wake on LAN, and after few minutes, mail is working. Mail pops up about critical update needed on clients. It is easy to install updates with Gpupdate Professional. After that I'm just using Send message functionality to alert all users that I will restart their computers in 5 minutes. Log off, and back to paradise!!! :)

Tanel Rõigas, EDF, Tallinn, Estonia:

There are several tasks to be done when operating a windows domain. So it is most convenient to center the domain management work to one center, that is, AD users and computers, which gives a possibility to manage several computers from one place. To me, Specops Gpupdate Professional is most useful for troubleshooting the machines that have problems - to determine, if the problem is with computer or user rights or something described in the event log. If there is a problem with a machine far away, it simplifies my work and it is good to have all tools in one place.

Pedro Monteiro, Director, Crashless LDA, Lisboa, Portugal:

While the remote capabilities of PowerShell v2 are not available, Gpupdate Professional will leverage my scripts! After that I will still use it because now I can use "AD Users and Computers" as my Operations center! Great Tool!!!